Fashion commercial real estate group

China's leading commercial real estate development operators and new tourism real estate development operators

Fashion group was founded in 1988 with its own assets of more than 40 billion yuan. In 2018, the group's turnover was nearly 8 billion yuan. It is mainly engaged in the development of tourism commercial real estate, commercial real estate and underground commercial space. Now, it has invested in large-scale commercial real estate and tourism commercial street in more than ten cities, such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Shenyang and Yangshuo.

At present, with the development concept of "focus, improvement and innovation", fashion group focuses on the underground commercial space, Rail Transit commercial space, tourism real estate and investment management of core cities with its strong strength and successful experience accumulated over the years.

In the future, with an international and artistic creative vision, standards and experience, fashion group will strongly lead the new trend of commercial real estate and tourism real estate standards, taking into account commercial interests and social responsibilities, Continue to drive the economic development of the city, improve the city's appearance and residents' lifestyle, and enhance the land value of the project, so as to become the most competitive and leading company in China's commercial real estate and tourism real estate industry.

Shenyang fashion business Co. Ltd

Shenyang fashion underground street - the first underground commercial street in China

At present, Shenyang Branch of Fashion Group operates the first commercial real estate project of fashion group - Shenyang fashion underground street, which is the first underground commercial street in Shenyang and even the whole country. Thus, the National Underground Commercial Street has established the development standard. Fashion underground street is located in the underground of Taiyuan street, the most prosperous commercial street in Shenyang, with a total construction area of more than 24000 square meters. It is an underground comprehensive shopping center integrating leisure and shopping, with an average daily passenger flow of 200000 people. Fashionable underground street is unique among many commercial streets in Shenyang with its reputation of "trend and novelty". It is the chief fashion scene leisure shopping street in Northeast China, and once ranked the third among the 100 most worthy scenic spots in Shenyang. Since 1996, Shenyang fashion underground street has been successfully operated for nearly 20 years. It has always been the most popular shopping mall in the core business district of Shenyang. It stands on the front line of fashion trend and has strong vitality and attraction.

Nanjing fashion Laidi Shopping Plaza Co. Ltd

Nanjing fashion Laidi Shopping Plaza - the first underground shopping mall in China combined with subway planning

At present, Nanjing Branch of Fashion Group operates Nanjing fashion Laidi shopping mall, the largest commercial underground street in Nanjing, which is the first underground shopping mall combined with subway planning in China. Nanjing fashion Laidi shopping plaza is located in the core business district of Xinjiekou, the first business district in Nanjing. The project is located in the upper and lower floors with a building area of more than 20000 square meters. With unique architectural design and personalized shopping environment, it attracts tens of thousands of young people to gather here every day. It is not only the favorite fashion mall of Nanjing University students, but also one of the tourist attractions that Nanjing must visit. Today, Nanjing fashion Laidi has become a famous brand of commercial real estate in East China, and Nanjing fashion Laidi shopping mall has become a typical case of media reports and peer learning for many times.

Guangzhou Fashion Business Plaza Co. Ltd

Fashion Tianhe business square - China's largest underground trend experience shopping center

Guangzhou Branch of fashion group currently operates its flagship project, Guangzhou fashion Tianhe commercial plaza. < / P > < p > Guangzhou fashion Tianhe business plaza is located in the core business district of Tianhe, Guangzhou. It is a large underground experience shopping center integrating shopping, catering, leisure, entertainment and landscape. The project is located in the underground of Tianhe Sports Center, covering a total area of 120000 ㎡, a total construction area of 220000 ㎡, and a total investment of more than 2 billion. It has more than 3000 businesses and 3500 underground parking spaces. At the same time, metro lines 1, 3, APM, BRT and nearly 100 bus lines meet, with an average daily passenger flow of more than 500000 people / time, making it the largest underground shopping center in China. Today, Guangzhou fashion Tianhe Commercial Plaza has become the favorite fashion mall for young people in Guangzhou with its artistic mall design, personalized commodity display and cool activities.

Shenzhen fashion commercial real estate Group Co. LtdFounder / Chairman

Guo kuizhang 

He was engaged in art in his early years and taught art major in Colleges and universities for many years.

In 1988, he joined the commercial sea, successively engaged in decoration engineering and commercial real estate. In 2003, he established a fashion group, comprehensively arranged the strategic investment of domestic commercial real estate. In 2007, he began to enter the field of tourism real estate. He is a pathfinder for the development and operation of China's underground commercial center, and the creator of a new model of tourism real estate. In 2015, we began to support the global youth entrepreneurship project, and volunteered to be the dream burner of young entrepreneurs.

Mr.Guo kuizhang has his own unique philosophy in the company's operation. He believes that the boss's greatest role is to find the future direction for the company, while the company's operation depends on the team strength. The team's growth is the company's development, so under his leadership, Fashion group not only has a professional and efficient elite team, but also becomes the Huangpu Military Academy of commercial real estate talents.

Executive team

Their life paths intersect because of fashion. When times meet, they work together. With excellent market insight and business talent, lead the team to gallop in the forefront of the industry.

Explore and innovate boldly with passion and courage to ignite the inspiration of the team in all aspects. With the will and power to promote the engine of progress, help enterprises to reach further distance.