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    Fashion Tianhe: how to become a gathering place for trendy men and women

    The concept of "underground city" has long appeared in all kinds of fantasy ideas of Western and eastern scholars. Liu Cixin, a famous science fiction writer, even conceived the land several years later

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    Fashion East Tianhe District investment attraction comes to an end

    On July 25, the signing conference of fashion Tianhe's merchants in the east of 2013 was successfully held, which integrates shopping, catering, leisure, entertainment and landscape in South China

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    Shenzhen mainstream media report on Tianhe fashion project

    With Tianhe fashion project from trial operation to formal opening, the image of fashion group in the industry has been further improved. In the face of external curiosity about the project,

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    Fashion Tianhe Christmas experience open online cash coupon rush

    Guangzhou's largest underground parking lot started operation on 24th of this month, and will be put into trial operation for half a year free of charge! Recently, the reporter learned exclusively that after more than two years of construction

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    Shenzhen commercial enterprises strive for Guangzhou market

    In recent years, Shenzhen commercial enterprises have chosen to expand the battlefield, many of which have the strength of commercial real estate to take this opportunity to go to the front, fell overbearing. Commercial goods

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    "Approaching Tianhe fashion" media salon held

    Recently, a group of special guests were welcomed at the scene of Guangzhou fashion Tianhe project. They are all journalists and hosts from major local media in Shenzhen and Guangzhou

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    Fashion Tian Hong: a unique underground business model to create on-site Taobao experience

    As 2011 is about to pass, more and more people pay attention to commercial real estate in this year. Some people in the industry say that the golden decade of residential real estate has passed,

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    Director Tian Hong receives an interview with SouFun's person of the year

    On December 1, Ms. Tian Hong, group operation director, received an annual exclusive interview with SouFun. This interview activity is the annual commercial real estate conducted by soufun.com, a famous media

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    "Select a shop" to "grab a shop"! 300 merchants snatch fashion Tianhe Wangpu

    More than 1000 businesses, more than 200 shops, lasting for more than 5 hours, the scene is hot, staged a round after round of "rush to shop" This is October

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    Fashion Tianhe comes on the stage in December, and the underground commercial space is about to start a war

    "Fashion Tianhe business square" recently held a shop handover meeting and operation start-up ceremony, at which the project leader solemnly announced the opening time - 2011

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    Fashion Tianhe Plaza opens at the end of the year

    The fashionable Tianhe underground shopping mall, which has been silent for nearly a year, will open at the end of this year. According to the reporter, the project has attracted more than 80% of the investment, and the business has opened

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    Shop miracle Creator: Guangzhou fashion Tianhe Commercial Plaza

    Fashion Tianhe business square is located in the center of "Tianhe business circle", the first business circle in China, on the golden central axis. The project runs through the offices along the Tianhe line