• 17


    Fashion Tianhe "fashion Guangdong" Red Wine Festival

    On October 12, 2013, there were crosstalk, songs and wonderful dances at the red wine festival of fashion Guangdong. Through this red wine festival, customers will know the origin of red wine and drink wine to make it red

  • 09


    "Fashion Laidi Creative Market Street" creative duole Duoduo

    At 10:00 a.m. on September 7, 2013, the first "fashion Laidi Creative Market Street" became popular, and the partner "Moore cat" showed off fm106.6. Online recruitment

  • 07


    Fashion Tianhe lemon mango and mooncake DIY activity

    On September 7, 2013, it was a good weekend, and lemon man [lemon C] came out again! Coca Cola ා Yiquan + C, delicious come to C ා activity in fashion Tianhe

  • 31


    The fashion trip of Shenyang

    On August 31, 2013, the 12th National Games was held in Shenyang, Liaoning Province. At this moment, Shenyang is not only a city of sports, but also a city of sports

  • 26


    Fashion Tianhe's signature meeting of ancient sword II

    On August 24, 12:00-16:00, the signing meeting for the fashion Tianhe center stage "ancient sword, the second wonder of the ancient sword, the beginning of the eternal night, Han's crystal clear sky" was held as scheduled, and the scene was full of people,

  • 25


    June 30 fashion Tianhe Zhou Bichang signing meeting

    Fashion Tianhe is a large underground experience shopping center integrating shopping, catering, leisure, entertainment and landscape. Fashion Tianhe always brings you

  • 03


    Project update

    With the successful operation of Tianhe fashion in Guangzhou, the influence of fashion group has gradually expanded. As a professional shop management enterprise, fashion group 20

  • 12


    Early spring promotion season: Guangzhou Tianhe fashion activities

    Spring returns to the earth, and everything flourishes. In Guangzhou Tianhe fashion shopping mall, surging a spring tide. As the largest underground shopping trend in South China

  • 03


    Fashion Tianhe experience opening, first day passenger flow 180000

    Core tip: this morning, the largest underground shopping mall in South China is officially open to visitors. According to the reporter's estimate, the on-site opening rate is nearly full.

  • 28


    Fashion Tianhe welcomes hundreds of merchants to enter

    On July 28, the signing conference of the first batch of businesses in fashion Tianhe was held on the second floor of the lower floor of Tianhe Sports Center, featuring first-class Japanese cuisine, Latin restaurant and huayiyuan South Korea

  • 29


    Fashion Tianhe won the most valuable business project in Guangdong in 2011

    On the evening of June 29, 2011, the fifth Guangdong business people awards ceremony was held in Qingyuan country garden. At this award ceremony, fashion Tianhe business

  • 27


    2011 Shenyang fashion business Spring Festival Gala

    She is a resident singer in a bar. She sings in front of different strange faces every day, but she never gives up her dream of going on stage! He is an old hip-hop dancer in the University