Guangzhou fashion Tianhe Commercial Plaza

Guangzhou's largest underground fashion shopping center, the largest underground shopping mall in China so far

Located in the core area of Tianhe business district in Guangzhou, the golden axis center

The total floor area is about 120000 ㎡, the total building area is about 220000 ㎡, and there are 3500 underground parking spaces

The most popular underground shopping center, the most artistic trend center

It has won the most valuable commercial project award in Guangdong in 2011, the most innovative commercial property award in the top ten gold medals in Guangdong in 2009, and the best planning and design commercial real estate award in Guangzhou in 2009

Shenyang fashion underground street

The first underground commercial street in Shenyang and even in China has established the standard for the development of underground commercial space

Located in the basement of Taiyuan street, the most prosperous commercial street in Shenyang

More than 30000 square meters of underground comprehensive shopping center integrating leisure and shopping, with an average daily passenger flow of 200000 people

It is unique among many commercial streets in Shenyang with its reputation of "fashion and novelty"

It was the most popular underground street in Liaoning Province in 2010, and ranked the third among the 100 most worthy scenic spots in Shenyang in 2008

Nanjing fashion Laidi shopping plaza

Nanjing's largest commercial underground street is one of the necessary tourist attractions in Nanjing

Xinjiekou core business district in Nanjing No.1 business district

The shopping mall is located on the upper and lower floors with a building area of more than 20000 square meters

With unique architectural design and personalized shopping environment, tens of thousands of young people gather here every day

It has been awarded the best underground shopping mall in 2010 and the most popular underground shopping mall in East China in 2009

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