The long-term development of an enterprise comes from transcending the current business sense and strategic vision.

With years of successful experience, fashion group focuses its resources on three areas with broad prospects for growth in the future.

Urban underground commercial space

With the continuous development of economy, the development and utilization of urban underground space has become an inevitable trend of urban development. It can play an important role in dealing with land resource shortage, traffic jams, energy consumption increase, environmental pollution, etc.at the same time, it can also create employment, increase tax revenue, stimulate consumption, and improve the core efficiency of the city. With unique site selection experience and mature development and operation mode, fashion group has built a perfect business combination of fashion art, bringing ultimate experience to consumers and making unique contributions to optimizing urban space, improving urban functions and upgrading urban taste.

Urban Rail Transit commercial space

The joint development of commercial and rail transit has become a successful multi win model. A large number of people carried by the operation of rail transit is the guarantee of commercial development, while diversified commercial operation provides support for the sound development of rail transit, taking into account the overall interests of the city, the interests of developers and the interests of the public win-win situation.

Fashion group introduces the advanced concept of the development and operation of the world's Rail Transit commercial space, and cooperates with the world-renowned design team to create the rail transit commercial space in line with the international standards.

Tourism, culture and real estate

With the increase of national income, the expansion of the middle class, the increase of disposable wealth and the emergence of convenient transportation, tourism has entered the stage of leisure tourism from scenic spot tourism

Fashion group creates a refreshing tourism real estate project with its unique site selection experience, planning thinking focusing on local cultural heritage and innovative functional structure design.