The investment and development of the comprehensive project of Yulong Art College in Lijiang

The project covers a total area of 1600 mu, and is planned to cover an area of 1000 mu for art college campus, supporting faculty residence and affiliated property hotel of 600 mu. We will introduce top development teams and mature school running models at home and abroad according to local conditions, and strive to build a first-class art university in South China.

Tianlu Xianghe Valley Club

A view of "the best community of global living environment" in mountain and sea

Fashion Tianlu Xianghe Valley is located in the eastern overseas Chinese town, the treasure land of South China's leaders.

The valley of peace follows the vein of the mountain ridge and winds in the vertical and horizontal direction. With the height of peace, it can bring up the wisdom of life. With excellent design ability, fashion group integrates architectural aesthetics and living environment, and creates a magnificent Tianlu Xianghe Valley Club with a view to mountains and seas. Here, you can sit on the clouds, listen to the waves, and feel small on the mountains and seas. Let the troubled secular be far away, and let the heart be peaceful.