Shenzhen mainstream media report on Tianhe fashion project

source: browse:12532 Release time:2012-10-31

With Tianhe fashion project from trial operation to formal opening, the image of fashion group in the industry has been further improved. In the face of the curiosity of the outside world about the project, fashion group faces the vast number of consumers and industry peers with an open mind. Tianhe fashion, as the largest underground shopping mall in China, gathers the latest and most fashionable consumer goods and provides more diversified consumer experience for consumers in the Pearl River Delta. And all of this has aroused strong media attention.

Recently, many mainstream media in Shenzhen have reported the latest development of Tianhe project operated by fashion group. This business group, headquartered in Shenzhen and with a view to expanding the country, has been praised in succession, providing a brand-new business model for China's commercial formats to learn from more business peers.