"Approaching Tianhe fashion" media salon held

source: browse:7789 Release time:2011-12-12


Recently, a group of special guests came to Guangzhou fashion Tianhe project site. They are all journalists and editors from Shenzhen and Guangzhou local main media. These media people, as the first batch of "spies" to enter the project site to understand the preparations for the opening of the project, not only have a deep understanding of the development process of fashion Tianhe project, but also are full of business environment layout Curious, they all hope to know how the fashion Tianhe has a unique business sense and what kind of brand-new business experience it can bring to Guangzhou and the whole Pearl River Delta business through their eyes.

These media include Sina, SouFun, Shenzhen Metro at 8 a.m., special zone newspaper group and Yangcheng Evening News Group. The new express, the chief editor level leader and layout director of the first business network, as well as journalists and friends who have been paying close attention to our project. This media salon is a successful cooperation between Shenzhen headquarters and Guangzhou project. The headquarters provides effective support for the project by forming high-end media resources. As the media activity of Tianhe fashion in Guangzhou, the salon atmosphere is harmonious and friendly. It not only conveys the value of fashion Tianhe project, but also constructs a good interactive relationship with the media.