Director Tian Hong receives an interview with SouFun's person of the year

source: browse:13341 Release time:2011-12-02


On December 1, Ms. Tian Hong, group operation director, received an annual exclusive interview with SouFun. This interview activity is an annual exclusive interview of commercial real estate figures conducted by famous media soufun.com. In this interview, Mr. Tian talked about the strategic planning of fashion group based in Shenzhen, and analyzed the significance of the experience and advantages of Shenyang fashion and Nanjing fashion for the development of commercial real estate. At the same time, it focuses on the operation of Guangzhou Tianhe fashion project. In more than one hour of exclusive interview, the wise and interesting Q & A between Mr. Tian and the reporter enriched the sense of interview level. Through this exclusive interview, the reporter comprehensively understood the operation and management characteristics of fashion group, and fully understood the strength and ability of fashion group. Through the media platform to the real estate industry and the majority of netizens to show the fashion group. This will play an important role in expanding the group's popularity and improving the project's popularity.