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Free opening of 2000 parking spaces in sports center, fashion Tianhe opened on the same day

Guangzhou's largest underground parking lot started operation on 24th of this month, and will be put into free trial operation for half a year! Recently, the reporter exclusively learned that after more than two years of construction, nearly 2000 parking spaces in the first phase of Guangzhou Sports Center underground parking lot will be put into use, covering Tianhe Road business district and Tianhe North business district.

Recently, the reporter learned exclusively that the specific use date of the underground parking lot of the sports center is this month 24. Moreover, the newly opened sports center and underground parking lot will be free for half a year.

According to the person in charge of the development, operation and management of the underground space of the sports center, Guangzhou fashion Commercial City Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "fashion company"), the whole project includes shops and parking lots, with a total investment of 2 billion yuan and a total construction area of 200000 square meters. For this purpose, the developer has developed nearly ten commercial streets, with a total of more than 3000 shops for rental operation. The underground shopping mall opened on the 24th, and the underground parking lot of the sports center was officially opened to the public.

1500 parking spaces will be built in phase II

In addition, according to the operator, the construction materials have been submitted for the second phase of the underground parking lot project, and the construction will be started as soon as the approval is given. "The exact location has been planned." After the completion of the parking lot, it is possible to add new surface entrances and exits of the underground parking lot.

Public pricing is not expensive

Yesterday, Tianhe Sports Center, the relevant person in charge of an interview with reporters, said, "the specific pricing still needs to be studied and stipulated by Guangzhou Price Bureau, which has not been decided yet. It is estimated that it will take some time to know."

He said that considering that the parking lot to some extent needs to provide parking supporting services for the sports center, it is public and service-oriented, and the parking lot was originally built to ease the parking difficulty in the central urban area, so the pricing must be "convenient for the people", and it will be distinguished from other commercial institutions. Therefore, the sports center will supervise its price positioning and other issues.

As the parking lot will be free trial for half a year, and the future pricing will not be too expensive, the parking price of Tianhe business district will be affected in the future.

Reporter's camp

Three entrances for convenient parking

The parking lot is divided into two floors, with 24 pedestrian entrances and exits. A parking guidance system will be installed

The reporter found in the underground parking lot of the sports center that the construction of the parking lot, including the division and setting of the parking space area, the traffic guidance for entering and exiting the parking lot, the escalators and stairs for entering and exiting the parking lot and the entrance and exit for the parking lot to the ground have been completed, and there are signs showing the remaining number of parking spaces at the intersection, which is all ready.

Every few hundred meters, there is a ground passage

The parking lot is divided into two floors: the first floor and the second floor. There are three driving entrances and exits, which are located near the east gate of the sports center, the central area and Tianhe stadium, and close to the east gate and the west gate.

There are up to 24 stairs and escalators leading to the ground in the parking lot. In the parking lot, a ground passage can be found every few hundred meters. When car owners drive to the sports center, they can not only park nearby, but also get in and out nearby, saving a lot of time.

Parking position indicator and "road sign" will be installed

Because of the huge underground parking space, if the owner forgets the parking location, it will be very difficult to find it. The car park operators said they would install parking locators or set up "road signs" to facilitate car owners to find cars. "But at present, the system is still under construction." A person in charge of the operator said that it is estimated that the parking guidance system will be installed and put into use in the near future.

Buffer access will not jam the road

According to the business side of the parking lot, "the three parking entrances are all within the scope of the sports center, that is to say, they can only enter the parking lot after entering the scope of the sports center. This means that there is a certain buffer space for vehicles to enter and exit, and there will not be a swarm of traffic jams in and out of the parking lot, resulting in traffic jams. In addition, the parking lot has no direct access to Tianhe Road, so it will not directly increase the traffic flow of Tianhe Road. "

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