Shenzhen commercial enterprises strive for Guangzhou market

source: browse:7795 Release time:2011-12-13

In recent years, Shenzhen commercial enterprises have chosen to expand the battlefield, many of which have the strength of commercial real estate to take this opportunity to go to the front, fell overbearing. Commercial property attracted the Warring States period in which a group of heroes competed for supremacy and quality leaped. Fashion group, a commercial real estate company from Shenzhen, has recently become a dazzling star with the super large-scale fashion Tianhe project in Guangzhou's prime location.

This business operator, which already has successful examples such as Shenyang fashion and Nanjing fashion Laidi, launched in Guangzhou, not only created the best spokesperson role of Shenzhen army in Guangzhou market, but also created a new upgrade of innovative shop operators for the traditional business in the Pearl River Delta.

Fashion group takes business to the top

The fashion group, headquartered in Shenzhen, has been committed to the development and construction of large-scale commercial space. In the past 20 years, it has witnessed the development and change of commercial real estate, leading the trend of commercial real estate in the turbulent business battlefield. As early as 2009, the fashion group comprehensively promoted the national strategy, among which, Guangzhou fashion Tianhe business plaza, as the first project of the fashion group entering Guangzhou, is a collection of thousands of favorites. The fashion group invested 2.6 billion yuan to build an art business district in Asia. The project is not only a postcard of the fashion group in Guangzhou, but also a masterpiece of the South China region, stepping up to the top of Guangzhou The commercial stage of the eye.

Fashion Tianhe, the center of the core

Fashion Tianhe business square is the darling born at the turning point of the 2010 Asian Games. It is also the largest reconstruction project of Tianhe Sports Center in Guangzhou's bustling business district. Fashion Tianhe business square firmly occupies the golden section of the city's central axis. With a building area of 220000 square meters, the shopping mall is positioned as "the world fashion empire, a four-dimensional experience block". The overall planning is four major sectors, covering multiple formats such as featured catering, personalized boutique clothing, fashion chain clothing, home furnishings, etc. its unique "fast fashion" positioning mode and business line perfectly expand the business map of Tianhe business district.

Through the perfect appearance of Tianhe fashion project in Guangzhou, the low-key and pragmatic fashion group has demonstrated the huge energy of commercial power in Shenzhen real estate enterprises, and also a comprehensive display of the ability of Shenzhen commercial enterprises to operate nationwide.