Fashion Tianhe: how to become a gathering place for trendy men and women

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Article / practice reporter Chen zhe from Guangzhou

The concept of "underground city" has long appeared in all kinds of fantasy ideas of eastern and Western scholars. Liu Cixin, a famous science fiction writer, even conceived that the earth would encounter "nuclear winter" several years later, the surface environment would be completely destroyed, and the remaining human beings would be forced to move underground to survive, almost hollowing out the earth's interior.

Nowadays, as a product of urban development, urban underground commercial space has become one of the standard configuration of first tier cities. Some people say that this is because the high-speed urbanites are tired of the monotonous scenes around them day by day. At this time, the appearance of an underground city will suddenly make them find that there are so many new things in the original underground. The original underground passage can also be endowed with completely different connotations, and the original city can have so rich extension space.

E-commerce is coming, so many department stores and shopping centers only groan at the passenger flow. But in the underground shopping mall of fashion Tianhe, there are still people coming and going. The daily passenger flow is several times higher than that of some above ground shopping centers. After two years of operation, Tianhe business plaza has become a gathering place for trendy men and women in Guangzhou.

Make up for the congenital deficiency with design sense

Make up for the congenital deficiency with design sense

In the appearance environment, the underground shopping mall is greatly limited. Different from the shopping centers on the ground, they can't directly attract people's attention with their imposing appearance. Usually, they can only enter the underground commercial buildings by running stairs or escalators. In order to make up for the limitation of area, fashion Tianhe adopts columns, gorgeous lights and colors to enhance the identity of the entrance space, highlight the image of the entrance, create a sense of space transition, and successfully alleviate the discomfort of people entering the underground space from the ground.

In the subway entrance connected with Guangzhou Sports Center and the underground passage at the intersection of Tianhe Road and TIYU West Road, fashion Tianhe introduces people into the underground commercial plaza through exaggerated neon lights, strong rhythm music decoration entrance and escalator.

The entrance of the underground shopping mall not only bears the traffic function, but also shows the image of the store and reveals the theme of the place. Several entrances of fashion Tianhe, either open or closed, maintain the same characteristics - they all reveal the theme with huge and striking images, so that people can have a long-distance perception of it before entering the mall, forming a distinct impression, and laying the foundation for further comprehensive perception of the shopping environment.

Fashion Tianhe square is divided into five areas as a whole due to its long plane. Each area has its own theme (brand gathering block, personalized boutique block, colorful department store area and two food squares), and the interior decoration style of the area is determined according to the theme. In every area, the application of light and color is in place, and some new elements are introduced to increase the interest of the space, so that the commercial atmosphere can be rendered incisively and vividly.

Stepping into the fashion Tianhe is like stepping into a block with a strong sense of design. More than 30 blocks have been made into different style themes. These space designs are all in the charge of a space design team of nearly 20 people. Most of the scenes also interact with consumers. Many consumers leave small notes. In today's era of serious homogenization, Tianhe fashion's unique positioning of "youth and trend" based on art is indeed unique in Tianhe business district.

"Scarecrow farm" leads "slow fashion"

Due to the closeness of the underground shopping mall, once the design is not in place, it will make people uncomfortable, and through artificial methods to supplement the natural environment, it can improve the closeness of the underground space. The green plants can add a fresh color to the whole space. At each node, fashion Tianhe introduces various ecological landscapes such as green trees and flowers, small bridges and flowing water, and also sets up exhibition and leisure seats to enrich the indoor space environment and create a pleasant shopping environment.

Today, the fashionable Tianhe large indoor theme farm "Scarecrow farm" has officially opened. In the farm covering an area of about 600 square meters, there are chickens, ducks, rabbits and other small animals. There are more than 20 kinds of crops, such as cabbage, lettuce, radish seedlings, sweet potato leaves, peppers, peppermint, ginseng leaves, Lycium, Mimosa, etc., which can experience planting fun. At the same time, there are more than 30 Scarecrow people feel By fairy tales in the wizard of Oz, it seems to be a real offline version of "happy farm".

"Scarecrow farm" project adheres to the "experiential" shopping concept advocated by fashion Tianhe, provides consumers with four values of "shopping experience", "rural sightseeing", "planting experience" and "agricultural science popularization", and interprets a new "slow" lifestyle. "This little garden may be the best cure for impetuosity in our time." The head of fashion Tianhe farm said.

With the expansion and expansion of the city, the land is less and less, and the number of farmers is less and less. "We hope everyone can come to our countryside, walk slowly in the countryside, speak slowly, read slowly, slow down the body and mind. People with fairy tales in mind can see their dreams here. Parents bring their children to let them know that vegetables are grown in the ground. What's more, we want everyone to have a different shopping experience in the art environment of fashion Tianhe. As a new lifestyle, we can also experience the "slow pace" of Europeans. "

During the national day last year, the "Scarecrow farm" was opened to the public. At the same time, the "largest pasture in Asia" located at entrance 3 was opened. The three sheep made of old telephones were also illusory and real. With the model behind, it seemed to be a fashion movie. The Ferris wheel at entrance 4 attracted a large number of tourists to watch and take selfies during the day and night; Clothes rack dinosaur landscape and couple chairs are popular with consumers. "Every time I come here, I have to bring a spare battery. I hope fashion Tianhe can set up some mobile gas stations. Every shop has its own characteristics. I can't stop shooting all the way." One consumer said.

Invite foodies to "eat to the end"

More than ten years ago, people went to shopping malls just to buy things. But now people have regarded shopping malls as a way of leisure life. There is no need to have a clear shopping plan to go to shopping malls. After a few hours of shopping, they may have bought some favorite items, or none of them, but they have other consumption: drink, eat dessert, watch a movie or exhibition Look, etc. In order to adapt to this change, fashion Tianhe opened food squares at both ends of the shopping mall.

Among them, there are about 20 fast food shops in the "gourmet carving" dining area in the west of TIYU West Road. Because of the large venue, multiple choices and affordable price, the per capita consumption is 10-38 yuan, which meets the gathering needs of many young consumers. Therefore, no matter on weekdays or weekends, whenever there is a meal time, it is "overcrowded" and hard to find. The xiangxielei food District, located in the underground of TIYU East Road, is a business and catering area, with an average consumption of 15-55 yuan, which is popular with the white-collar people nearby. In addition to the two major catering sectors, each block of fashion Tianhe is dotted with light food supplement formats such as fresh taro fairy and sesame paste family, so that consumers can have more leisure and communication experience.

For shopping centers, the internationally accepted proportion is about 30% - 35% for retail, 20% - 25% for catering and 30% - 40% for leisure and entertainment. "In the fashion Tianhe business square, the proportion of catering + light meal (drinks, desserts, etc.) accounts for 15% at present. Now we are going to make the catering ratio 30%, or even 35%." Fashion Tianhe Marketing Director Lin Lijun said.

In order to cooperate with the "food expansion" strategy, fashion Tianhe also held a special "eat to the end" activity. After on-site registration, the participants will form a team randomly, with 5 people in a team. Each round of competition will be attended by 4 teams. The team that eats 15 restaurants and delicacies in the East Second Street in the fastest time + shares the pictures of 15 food merchants on the social platform will win. The winner can get several food coupons of Donger street. Each period of "eat to the end", fashion Tianhe will stage a "bloody" food war.

Trendy men and trendy women "battle to get rid of single"

"Double 11" has been interpreted as a shopping Carnival by e-commerce. On November 11 every year, many offline shopping malls are open to the public. However, fashion Tianhe has extended the original meaning of "singles day", holding high the banner of "single = single = shopping list" and launching the "single" challenge activity.

Participants should first challenge an app game of "strategy of taking off the single", or take part in the "I want to take off the single" photo printing activity in the official wechat of fashion Tianhe, upload any scenes of fashion Tianhe to take photos or micro videos, and issue a declaration of taking off the single. The top 10 fans with the highest score participated in the ultimate PK of "single" and the top 10 fans with the highest popularity index participated in the ultimate PK.

In order to avoid the "double 11" e-commerce Carnival in 2014, fashion Tianhe specially set the "ultimate PK of single removal battle" on November 9 of the weekend, known as "single removal without waiting for double 11".

Finally, 20 warriors accepted the "hero's post" issued by fashion Tianhe and attended the "ultimate PK of single combat" as scheduled. They were divided into two groups to carry out a thousand yuan gift sweeping activity on East 2nd Street and West 3rd Street. They snapped up the marked items and returned to the destination within the specified time. The winner is the one with the total amount of the selected items closest to 1100 yuan, and gets one iPhone 6 mobile phone on site; the second one with the amount of less than 1100 yuan and closest to 1100 yuan can get the same amount of goods.

Such an activity not only attracted a large number of participants in the early stage of the activity, but also attracted many passers-by to stop and watch on the day of the activity due to its characteristics and interest, showing the dynamic atmosphere of fashion Tianhe. The activities are mainly aimed at young groups, and once again strengthen the youth orientation of fashion Tianhe, so that the trendy men and women unconsciously enhance the stickiness of fashion Tianhe, and help fashion Tianhe form a unique brand culture through their spontaneous participation.

With the development of society and economic prosperity, the underground commercial space of modern city is not only a shopping space, but also a complex of shopping, leisure, entertainment and other activities. Holding characteristic and interesting business theme activities can not only save the shopping center from monotony, but also explore unique place culture, and make people have a sense of identity and even belonging to it.