Guo kuizhang's column 9 is a failure because he spends more time on research. That's why we live to this day

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The team is more about how to succeed, and I spend more time on failure

It is impossible for a man to say that he can succeed without failure. In fact, any successful person has to experience more failures than others. In almost every growth process, they are like pushing stones up the mountain, pushing them up hard every time, but the stone keeps rolling down, and then we push it up and roll it down again. At that time, there was no sense of achievement, only depression and despair, it felt as if only through the "9981 difficulty", it was possible to push the stone to the top of the mountain. In this way, we will go all the way, be knocked down, get up, be knocked down and get up again, until the people who want to knock down you are afraid of you, know that when we knock down you again, you will still stand up, difficulties will compromise with you, an enterprise can grow, the important thing is "tenacity", regard failure as its own shame, and constantly summarize and adjust through each failure, which is more important Is willing to take others' failure as their own failure to experience, so as to succeed.

For many enterprises, the boss is usually immersed in the company's specific business operations, which may only see the difficulty of their own business operations. It's hard to see the direction to solve the immediate problems. If the boss of a company has no direction and is only an expert in solving problems, you will become a fire fighter. You will be very tired every day. It seems that you have solved many problems every day, but the company has lost the direction and become the old business of general manager. The general manager is the business of manager, the manager is the business of employee, and the employee talks about strategy Employees have nothing to do every day. They can only talk about the company's strategy behind their backs. The company is in a mess. The boss of the company should have a clear division of labor with the team. The team should do what they know and always think about what they don't know. Only when I don't do specific work in the company these years, can I have more time to look around the world and spend more time studying the success or failure of other enterprises. How can we make shocks in the economic cycle What are the reasons for the success and failure of the best and worst enterprises in the world? The team is more about how to succeed, and the boss is more about failure. That's why we live to this day.


What is our goal of being an enterprise?

What is the goal of our company? It depends on what we define ourselves as. If you define yourself as a shrub, you will grow very fast, and then quickly become a very vigorous plant, and the volume is very large. But the Bush will never grow high, and at its limit it will no longer grow. But if you want to define yourself as a towering tree, you need to cultivate it with patience and time. We all know that a towering tree may grow very short in ten years, but after 20 or 30 years, it may become a towering tree. That's who we choose to be? The higher the quality of tree species, the longer the growth cycle, the slower the growth rate. The fast-growing trees are indeed fragile, and a strong wind will destroy them. We would rather be a slow growing but solid enterprise.


What is a successful enterprise?

What is a successful enterprise? That is, when we die, the enterprise is still there. That is a successful enterprise. If, in a short period of time, we become the most powerful enterprises in China, and in a flash, we become a very brilliant enterprise, but it will be destroyed within three years, that is not success. I remember when I was young, when our business was extremely difficult, I did read a lot of successful people's books, hoping to inspire us to move forward with these successful people as an example. Later, the enterprise went to success, and I read more books about failure. For example, Wu Xiaobo's "great failure" in 2001 wrote about more than 30 enterprises, which were the most brilliant enterprises in that year. How did they fail? I put it on the pillow as a textbook every day. In order to warn myself not to have us in the book when we wake up to "big loser 2". In 2007, I looked at Wu Xiaobo's "big loser 2" and wrote about a dozen enterprises, all of which are very brilliant enterprises in the past ten years. Unfortunately, I was lucky to say that there is still no me here, and we are still lucky to live. I hope that when Xiaobo came out of "big loser 3", we were still alive.


Guo kuizhang and Wu Xiaobo, author of 1-2 defeat

Entrepreneur's happiness in life

For today, you say we are not successful, not necessarily, because our life is not finished. This company also has life. Only when our life is over can we define whether this enterprise is a success. Of course, when I leave the world, this enterprise must decline, this is certain, because no enterprise is immortal, but the longer it is from decline, the higher its contribution to society.