Fashion Tianhe "fashion Guangdong" Red Wine Festival

source: browse:17137 Release time:2013-10-17

On October 12, 2013, there were crosstalk, songs and wonderful dances at the red wine festival of fashion Guangdong. Through this red wine festival, customers will know the origin and drinking of red wine, making red wine a symbol of quality life.

Red wine is colorful and magnificent. Every cup of red wine is like a ruby in your hand. A light drink and a fine appreciation can make you relaxed. On September 12, a large number of red wine lovers gathered on the central stage of the red wine festival jointly held by Guangdong TV's "fashion Guangdong" column and fashion Tianhe.


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Singing and dancing

On the day of the event, the organizer introduced the top Australian gem tree red wine to the audience, and also provided free trial drinks, attracting many consumers to stop by the red wine exhibition stand and carefully taste it in front of the stage. How can there be no wonderful and moving program with fine and mellow red wine? In order to let everyone present fashionable trendsetters and white collars who love quality life have a careful aftertaste of the mellow red wine, the organizer also arranged wonderful singing performances and belly dancing performances. Under the catalysis of alcohol, the scene atmosphere is even more enthusiastic.