Guo kuizhang's eighth column: IQ can make you succeed, and EQ can make you go far

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IQ can make you succeed, and EQ can make you go far

IQ is talent. IQ is a person who can see through the surface of things and understand the essence of things. These will be perceived through communication and conversation. What about EQ? Look for people with high EQ to see if they are always afraid of being wrong with others and consider others' feelings. Yes, this kind of EQ is very high. There will be a lot of followers and supporters. A person always thinks about himself and always cares about others' sorry for me. This person's EQ must be very low. It's not difficult for people to cooperate. If they can't do something, they can't go far. So EQ is very important. IQ can make you succeed. EQ can make you go far.


Intelligence and wisdom

Cleverness and wisdom are two different things. Too smart a man can't do anything. Smart and wisdom are the same. Smart, can calculate small accounts, and calculate everything every day. You will always be a small businessman. A lot of people say: does entrepreneurship have anything to do with a high degree. I'll tell you that entrepreneurship has nothing to do with education background, only with learning ability. Reading and learning broaden our horizons. One lost his key, and he wandered around under the light. What did others say about you? He said I looked for the key under the light, but I couldn't find it all the time. This is the logic of thinking of all of us, or most of us, more than 80% of us. When we encounter difficulties, they will look forward, but few of us look back. We say open the eyes of heaven, in fact, the eyes of heaven are not in the middle of the forehead, but in the back of the brain. It's important to learn to think 360 degrees. Don't look for the key under the light.



How to increase your wisdom? I want to ask you: what should be your first investment when you have money? The answer is different, but most people have something to do with material input: room, car, beauty, tourism, etc. The first thing to invest is the brain, and the one with the highest return on investment is your brain. The real money is not in your pocket, in your mind, the money in your pocket is your own today, and will flow to others tomorrow. This year you earn, next year you may lose, the only wealth you can leave is in your mind. You can have nothing, but as long as you have something in your head, you'll be back soon. So the first investment is to invest in your head. How to invest? We must have the habit of reading and studying. Because all the puzzles and problems in our business can be found in the book. Fight for time; it's the most boring when flying and waiting. You can't do anything. Just read a book in your pocket. Every time I go out, I put two things in my pocket, one is the clothes I need to use, the other is the books. Moreover, the cadres of our company have basically formed the habit of reading books, because all wisdom and knowledge are in books. When reading one book, we may not understand it. When reading ten books, we will understand some. When reading one hundred books, you will find that many things are in common, and successful people are in common. So reading must be your first habit as a boss.


A good boss should be a kind lion

When the business gets bigger, there will always be all kinds of people and strange things. Many people ask me how to deal with many seemingly unreasonable people and things. How to solve this problem? I also often tell my cadres that a gentleman can be trusted and used, while a villain can be defended and used. Put a gentleman beside him and isolate the villain in the distance so as not to affect the team. The gentleman treats it with the heart of a gentleman, the villain treats it with the villain, and the villain is afraid of the villain. Li Ka Shing has a saying that a good boss should be a kind lion.