2011 Guangzhou Fashion New Year reception

source: browse:5105 Release time:2011-01-24

On January 24, 2011, the 2011 Guangzhou fashion new year's party was held in the four-star Kali hotel with fashionable decoration and full of modern romantic sentiment. The on-site environment was warm and comfortable. In the evening party, the leaders and employees gathered to celebrate the festival belonging to the fashion people, including the program made by the employees themselves, the exciting commendation, the relaxed and joyful lottery and other links.

The theme of this annual meeting is "love the future". Love is a summary of the past. All difficulties and hardships are overcome finally because of love. Because of love for the company, colleagues and posts, every fashionable person works hard to advance; "future" is a vision and wish for tomorrow. People will become a city and believe that the fashion tomorrow will be more brilliant.