[partner platform] fashion group made a breakthrough in its investigation work in Yangshuo and Suzhou and Hangzhou

source: browse:26260 Release time:2018-05-17

 On May 10, 2018, Shenzhen fashion group visited both sides of Lijiang River in Guilin, Guangxi Province for project investigation. Li Yuanyuan, President of Investment Development Department of fashion group, Luo Xingjie, chief financial officer, Li Ye, project director, and Li Lin, consultant of tourism development business department participated in the investigation. Guilin landscape is the best in the world, and Yangshuo landscape is the best in Guilin. Under the guidance of the staff of the scenic area management committee, the field visit is intended to carry out in-depth cooperation and explore more investment and development opportunities. It is understood that Lijiang scenic area is one of the most typical traditional tourist attractions in Guangxi and even in China. Facing the opportunities of the times such as the construction of China ASEAN Free Trade Area and the impact of new tourism trends, it is necessary to develop high-end tourism industry. Therefore, in order to improve the structure of China's tourism products, fashion group is expected to invest 6 billion yuan to build a 7-star comprehensive tourism and vacation project in Lijiang River, including the expansion of five-star hotels, complex shopping malls, scene streets, elderly care health centers, museums, children's playground and other projects.


At the same time, the project investigation team of fashion group is also in full swing in Suzhou and Hangzhou. Xing Jingcheng, CEO of fashion group, Xie Mingyuan, general manager of Nanjing fashion Laidi, Ning Xianwei, director of Shenyang fashion company, Wang Lisheng, consultant of urban commercial real estate business department, etc. arrived in Suzhou on May 10 for investigation in terms of urban planning and business circle construction, After intense discussion by the project team, Wushan Square was finally determined as the goal and officially upgraded to A-class project, and the property owner was Shangcheng district government. After communication and negotiation with Zhong Ju, the leader of Shangcheng District Bureau of Commerce, we finalized the cooperation plan and invited them to visit the projects of fashion group in Guangzhou. At the same time, both sides hope that the cooperation can make breakthrough progress.


In the morning of the next day, the project investigation group of fashion group held a symposium with the leaders of Shangcheng District Government Investment Promotion Bureau and Construction Bureau. At the meeting, professional guidance was given to the design scheme of the underground space of Wushan Square. By 2022, more than 30 underground commercial spaces will be launched simultaneously with the construction of the subway. As a complementary form of traditional large-scale commerce, the subway business solved the daily needs of the masses, eased the ground pressure, and will be revitalized as a new economic form. At the same time, the leaders of the Construction Bureau said We are very cognizant of the brand and operation strength of fashion group, and look forward to in-depth cooperation with fashion group to jointly build a new business benchmark in Hangzhou.


On May 14, the project investigation group of fashion group held a discussion and exchange with partners on Pingjiang road reconstruction and other issues. The participants included Wang Wei, chairman of Suzhou historical and cultural city protection group, Gu Weichun, general manager, Zhao Yunfeng, chairman of Pingjiang Road Cultural Block company, etc. At the meeting, we mainly discussed the 2.4 square kilometers that need to be reconstructed in Pingjiang Road Historical and cultural area, especially the underground space of the core historical business district that the Suzhou Metro Line 6 passes through. Wang Wei, chairman of the board of directors, thought that with the construction and development of the metro, it is necessary to make rational use of the underground development space with the help of the daily people flow bonus of the metro station, and the Metro business gradually Become the business type with the least impact from e-commerce, he also said that he was very agree with the strength of fashion group, and hoped that there would be more opportunities for commercial space design and planning in the future.


A week's visit and investigation, a series of meetings and business talks are all about the improvement of the ability of the members of the project investigation team; Yangshuo and Suzhou Hangzhou are the formation of new business circles; and the city is a beautiful creation!